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Lincoln Science & Innovation Park Phase II & III

Lincoln Science and Innovation Park (LSIP) was created in 2013 as joint venture between the University of Lincoln and Lincolnshire Co-operative. Over the following 9 years it refurbished, developed and acquired 13,500m2 of property split between academic and commercial use.

The 6.5 acre Phase II site was acquired in 2020 and planning permission granted for a further 12,000m2 of development, which is expected to be completed by 2030. The first two developments have been substantially pre-let from tenants developed on the Park over the previous 5-years.

Work is now underway to acquire land for Phase III, which is expected to accommodate a further 15,000m2 of development to undertaken during the 2030s.

Key facts

  • Phase I – 9,000m2 LSIP owned property (66% HEI, 33% Commercial), 3000m2 City of Lincoln owned property; £21.75m investment to date
  • Phase II – 4,500m2 LSIP owned property (100% commercial), 2,000m2 University of Lincoln; £17.35m Investment to date. Planning permission for a further 10,000m2 granted with further development land available
  • Phase III – Sites identified and strategic planning underway

Opportunity location

Why invest in Greater Lincolnshire?

Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland is currently experiencing an unprecedented era of growth and is undoubtedly one of the investment hotspots of the UK. The geography is vastly unique from The Humber to The Wash, covering 2,700 miles with a population of 1.1million. Our game changing sectors include the Humber Freeport, Renewable Energy, the UK Food Valley, Food enterprise Zones (FEZ’s), including the South Lincolnshire Food Enterprise Zone at Holbeach and Europarc III Food Enterprise Zone at Grimsby and Defence & Security. Our thriving Universities are some of the fastest growing in the UK, providing access to a growing talent pool, fuelling academia, and creating a skilled workforce. wide-open spaces and fresh air regulate and invigorate innovation.

Offering a range of high quality, cost effective sites and property solutions for all types of investing businesses. From specialist logistics and sector sites, employment parks, start-up hubs, or shovel ready land ripe for development. We are strategically located to enable fast, multimodal access to UK and international markets. Our Ports put your customers at easy reach wherever they are based. Our sites offer fast access to both UK and global markets, either via road, sea, air or rail.

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Insight for investors

  • Target Investor(s): Development partner/investor
  • Value and cost info: £50m+
  • Site Size: est. 10 acres
  • Jobs: 500-800
  • Timescale: 5 years +
  • Delivery Timescale: Phase I – Complete/Fill-in, Phase II – 2021-2030, Phase 3 – 2028-2040
  • Planning Status: Adopted policy by Local Authority and Strategic Employment Site in Local Plan.
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Primary promoter

City of Lincoln Council